EITI kindly invites you to join in and work on the scientific and technical committees of the conferences and journals editorial boards. Membership in the EITI scientific and technical committees can open windows of opportunity for your professional growth and development as free-of-charge. Through special scientific and technical committees and divisions, and numerous occasions for scientific and technical exchange with colleagues, EITI gives scientists the power to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional optionsIf you are a scholar

As a Member of EITI:1. You will be assigned to be the committee of the relevant EITI conference.2. You will be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant EITI conference.3. You can register the EITI conference with a discounted price.4. Receive relevant news and advance of relative research.

If you are interested in joining EITI as Free-of-Charge, please compile and return the membership Form a along with your CV to attachment.

For further information and enquiry please contact via

Your application will be processed in 3 work days.

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